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That's EXACTLY what I am getting! I used a still-shot digital camera to take a poor quality video of the back of the set for one buzz. I noticed that light comes out of the back of the set whenever the buzz sound is produced. Thanks for posting that video, I am going to copy it and give it to the technicians when they come to take away my GWIII. I'm positive that they'll take it to the lab and its going to work fine.
I also have this problem with the set where it won't turn on and it emits that annoying buzz every 15 seconds while it's attempting to turn on. I read on this site that Sony released information on this bug to technicians, but is there any way I could get a hold of a copy? My TV is scheduled for pickup in 2 days and I'd like to give them this information when they pick it up so that they know what to look for. Thanks
Quote: Originally posted by jfischer I find it very hard to believe that repairing the optical block, or light engine, could cost as much as the TV itself. Sears tried to tell me that repairing the light engine in a DLP cost $3,500 (of course, this was during the pitch for the $600 extended warranty). This isn't surprising to me at all. Sets that you buy were built in efficient factory settings, but getting a anything repaired is a much more...
Quote: Originally posted by flmgrip i want to bump this up but also ask the question: the ones with having a problem with the buzz... is the TV freestanding or in a cabinet POSSIBLY compromising the ventilation/cooling ? My TV sits on a small cabinent. The set is about 6" from the wall and it doesn't have much surrounding it. I also have a ceiling fan that's usually on that circulates the air in the room.
I bought my GW3 in late November and it arrived on Dec 9th. Ever since I owned it I noticed a few times where turning it on did not cause it to turn on. My initial assumption was that I was clumsy with my remote control and somehow pressed the button twice thus causing it to turn on then immedately turn off. Since then I learned that this was just another example of TNW - technology never works. Why is that? Why can't any manufacturer of anything containing a...
If you find ellipses in file paths to be about as annoying as Office2000's Clippy, you can fix it easily with this registry setting: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\\SOFTWARE\\Sonic\\CinePlayer\\1.5:FixMRU = 1
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