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I'm not sure which LG DVD player you're using, but you may benefit by using a digital connection, such as Toslink, digital coax, or HDMI, from the DVD player to your Denon.
Comcast is now authorizing HBO GO on Samsung Smart TVs as of 2/20/2014. Took a couple years but I'm glad, hopefully they follow up with Roku support. Funny thing is that there has been no kind of announcement or anything about it on any tech sites.
I don't think any current games will output in Dolby True HD or DTS -MA. And the PS4 won't convert audio to those formats, the format must exist in the media or game itself.PCM is just the raw, uncompressed audio. The quality is the same as True HD or DTS-MA. If your receiver says PCM, that is correct, and you are getting high quality sound. If you would rather have the receiver do the decoding, set the PS4 to bitstream. Just make sure you know the audio format of the...
I would say no problem turning them on their sides when talking about surround speakers.
If you only want to spend $50-100, I think your best bet is the used route. Brand name older stuff can go for pretty cheap on ebay or craigslist. I'd avoid the no name brands Don't worry about specs such as watts, impedance, etc. Just make sure the receiver has the features you want. If you want to hook up 4 speakers, your best bet is a 5.1 receiver. However, if all you'll be doing is listening to your ipod or the tuner, a stereo setup may be better. You could pick...
Also check this site: http://www.displaylag.com/display-database/#participants-list That TV sounds like a good choice for gaming. I have the 32" version and enjoy it as a gaming only TV.
Out of those two options, I would go for the setup with the active sub. Either receiver would be fine, although if you're not set on Sony there may be other options from Denon, Yamaha, etc.
The white-van scam has been around for a while. I should know- I fell for it right out of high school. George Bush Sr was President.
The DAP1522 should work fine. That is what I use for my preamp for Pandora streaming/network connection.
Wanted to Buy: Avalon Acoustics NP evolution Center Channel. Alternatively, would buy either a 1.0 or 2.0 pair for the right price.
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