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Thanks for your help! Would an Apple TV work for the streamer device? If not, which of the other devices would you recommend? What are the pros/cons of WDTV Live? Would Roku work, as well? And is it possible to install XBMC on any of the streamer devices? (not sure if you have any experience with that, but that's what I use on my HTPC). Thanks.
Bump. Bueller....Bueller....
Hi all, I'm in the process of building a home. I have a dedicated HT on the second floor, where I'm planning to have a FP setup. My HTPC will be here. I will also have a flatscreen in the family room and the master bedroom, which will both be on the first floor. What I'd like to accomplish is be able to play music (MP3) and movies (MKV) from the HTPC upstairs to the TV'/receivers on the first floor. This HTPC will be on all the time and serve as a media server. I'll...
You can also try to pause the image with the projector, rather than the DVR/BD/DVD player.
One more question, please: In looking at a screen for this projector, should I go for 1.78 to 1 or 1.85 to 1? I'll be watching mostly blu-rays, but also an occasional Hi-def TV show (sports mostly). Thanks in advance!
Thank you, Sir.How large do you think I could go without getting into image degradation issues?
Is a 126" screen (1.0 gain in a totally light controlled room, with projector mounted about 15' from screen) too large for this projector? Would I be better off going with 120'?
Which mount do you recommend for use with this projector?
I'm thinking of buying this projector for a media room of our home which is currently under construction. The room will be roughly 15' x 18". I'm thinking of screen size of 106 to 120". Ideally, how far should the projector be mounted from the screen? Is there a "sweet spot"? I'm sure that there is a range that would be acceptable, but within this range, would it be better for the projector to be closer to or further away from the screen? And should the mount be...
New Posts  All Forums: