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Hmm, I wonder if Plexconnect will work on my ATVs - they're jailbroken first gens.
Wow, that sounds great, pitt. I'll definitely look into it! oh, and thanks to you too, space2001.
OK, great, thanks for your help pitt.
Yes, they will be wired together using Cat5e.
Sorry for the confusion.They play fine with the ATV itself, via an external USB HDD, using XBMC to access/play them.All of my bluray rips are mkv via MakeMKV.
@ pittsoccer33: I can play 1080p content just fine with the Broadcom Crystal HD card. All of my own files (blu-ray rips) are mkvs and the 1080p content from XBMC itself (via Navi-X) plays fine, too. @ sammy: when you say it has to have proper splitters and decoders installed, do you mean on the server (HTPC) side or on the ATV side? How would I do this? Is there a guide you can direct me to? Thanks.
Well, I've modified both ATVs to be able to play 1080p (changed out the wifi card with a Broadcom Crystal HD card). The only things that I need for the ATV to play off of the HTPC are mkv, avi, and mp3s. I'm assuming the ATV could handle that?
Here is the situation: I have a HTPC in a dedicated HT. I have AppleTV in the bedroom and living room. The HTPC has a hard drive which has all of my media on it. Is it possible to hook up the ATV via ethernet to the HTPC and play the media from it? If not, what would be a relatively inexpensive extender? Ideally, I'd like to use XBMC on the ATV in the bedroom and living room, yet still be able to access all of my media from the HTPC. Any input would be much...
Okay, so the parts should be here tomorrow. Looking forward to getting started. One question, though. I ordered a wireless keyboard with touchpad (Logitech K400). Will this work immediately when I turn on the computer for the first time after I've put it together? It has a wireless USB receiver and I'm wondering if it'll work immediately or if I'll have to install the drivers first. If it won't work immediately, how the heck will I set the bios initially and then...
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