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Anyone? Beuler......Beuler.....Beuler....
Ok, so now I'm more confused than ever... What would be the easiest way for me to be able to access all of my media on the HTPC (upstairs) using any device downstairs (living room/patio)? Keep in mind that I want to be able to use the iPad to control everything. Thanks.
Thanks, lockdown. So, just to clarify, when I hook up both devices via ethernet, I can access the files on the HTPC on the AppleTV? So, the HTPC can act as the server and the ATV can play the files?
Honestly, whichever would be the cheapest option. 1) Built in OR 2) Not built in + extra peripherals
Thanks for all of your help, guys. One other thing. Is it possible to run Ethernet from the HPTC to an AppleTV and be able to access the media on the HTPC through the ATV via the Ethernet? What I might do is just use the HTPC to play media for the HT, but also use it to be a server to distribute media to the downstairs area via the AppleTV, if it can be done.
Title says it all. Any advice/suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!
Thanks, kemetblk. Budget....hmmm. Well, I was thinking about $100-200 per speaker. Not sure if that's reasonable or not. I need a center, 2 fronts, 2 surrounds, and a sub for the dedicated HT (all in-wall if possible). Two in-ceiling in living room for stereo. Two in-celing on covered patio for stereo. I'll be doing mostly movies in the HT and just music in the living room/patio. As I said, I don't want super high-end or bargain basement, either.
Great advice, bluechunks. So, my next question is that if I have the HTPC in the dedicated HT, how can I control it to play either a movie in the living room or music on the patio? I want to be able to do it wirelessly, of course. I understand that the receiver can be controlled by a mobile device, but how about the HTPC/software player? How can that be controlled wirelessly? Thanks.
Hi, We are going to be building a home soon so I want to be sure to have the proper wiring in place in order to do a home network. I will have a dedicated home theater on the second floor and plan to build a HTPC to play the media files. We will also have a TV in the living room and master bedroom downstairs that I need to get media to, as well as in-ceiling speakers in the living room and covered patio outdoors that I'll need to get music to. I need advice on the...
New Posts  All Forums: