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HOLY COW. I can't believe they bothered with the 8000SD. I don't NEED a DVR that can't record High Definition. That's what TiVo is for. Classical Adelphia "behind the edge" thinking. Old ------ Edge ------ Cutting Edge ------ Bleeding Edge ^ Adelphia's idea of technology.
perrycom: I don't have it yet, but it's the SA 8000HD. Adelphia is exclusively a SciAtl shop.
richm is correct. FOX broadcasts in 480p widescreen, commonly called EDTV. (Enhanced Definition) Standard Definition is 480i only, technically speaking. Still looks great on programs like 24. But true HD would look awesome. H
Same thing here in New Hampshire. (That is to say that there were black bars and the video was postage-stamp sized.) Didn't seem to be a display or STB problem. FYI
Bottom Line -- If you want to record HD, and you have, or wish to get, DirecTV -- the HD DirecTivo is the way to go. MSRP is about $999. Recording time is 200 hrs Standard Def. and 30 hrs HD.
Hey Jim. How long has the 3250 been plugged in? I received two new firmware versions within two weeks of getting my 3250 and hooking it up. Maybe a newer version would work better? (It did for me, I can now "Stretch" HD channels.)
I had a similar problem. Adelphia is also experiencing demand that outweighs supply, here in New Hampshire. I had to keep calling -- they said if I went and picked one up, it was first come first serve. So one day, they have them, and out I went. Of course, it's a SciAtl 3250HD with no digital optical out, and there's only 4 channels of programming.
Foxbat: Why in the world would they do that? Virtually every receiver and/or TV can stretch the image? Won't the black bars cause burnin on my set?
chas: Yep. That's the version I have. I've noticed one thing -- non DTV channels get stretched appropriately when watched through the component outputs. (I've configured the box to upconvert to 480p.) But the HDTV channels do not when they air 4:3 programming. Are they adding the black bars on their end??? H
Hey DT. I'm definitely running SARA. However, instructions in the file don't work. ("How can I change the picture settings if there is no # Key on the remote?") (The setup wizard to set up 480p and 1080i and all that works fine, but doesn't address the Stretching.) Any idea, other than complaining to the cable company?
New Posts  All Forums: