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After I called to confirm their position; I canceled my account.
I have been saying this for the last four months. this is the nuclear option that will bring the end to "BLUE"-Ray. Sony has absolutely no come back to this move because the DVD forum will only let the HD-DVD forum make a dual format Hybrid single-side disc. Thats why Sony is trying to end the war early so they will not have to face the music. No one including Toshiba should claim victory with 1/2 of 1% sales in any given format. But when Hybrid movies come out in the...
You are right.......I have a disc that you can get here that prove the concept http://oldies.com/product-review/36451M.html. It is only a DL disc but it is a Hybrid non the less.
Spielberg made no such claim.....if you are going to quote someone please post a link.
You have no Idea what you are talking about. I and several others in this forum own Hybid japanimation disc that work in both DVD and HD-DVD players. They are only DL but they prove the concept and my players play them without problem. If the studios go with this; it will be game over for Blue(and I mean Blue)-Ray.HD-DVD/DVD Hybrid Discs Blue-Ray cannot legally make this type Hybrid
Here is an e-mail I sent to Ron Meyers the head marking guy for HD-DVD at Universal Hello Mr. Meyer, I am writing you with a suggestion on how HD-DVD can win the format war with very little effort. After going over the HD-DVD spec; I found that the 51 gig triple layer (TL) feature is the ultimate way HD-DVD can become the defacto standard for Hi-Definition movies. HD-DVD can kill off Blu-Ray with in 3 month with just one press conference. If Universal and or Paramount...
Why would you return your player? Even if Blu-Ray wins....eventual all the Studios will support the HD-DVD format; they will have no choice if millions of people have the player. Do you really think Toshiba will stop making the player? They will just call it an up-converter player that by the way can play HD-DVDs. You will probably see player under $50.00. This might actually be the way the Format survives if it fails now.
I am trying to get this to work in my player; how are you burning your disc? My xbox plays them just fine but my XA2 says it can't play because it is not a DVD format. I put the right HDDVD_TS folder and used udf burning with nero; what could I be doing wrong?
I will never Buy Blu-Ray...... I believe HD-DVD will win only if Paramount and Universal use the nuclear option; the TL 51 Hybrid Disc and stop all production of standard DVDs. If they let the format fail I will do one of two things; buy the over seas versions in HD-DVD or just end my movie buying all together. Either way; not even a cold day in hell would get me to buy Blu-Ray
We are all forgetting that Paramount and Universal at any time can institute the nuclear option and put out only one disc from now on by way of the TL hybrid disc and sell it for the same price as a standard DVD. If this happens it would be game over for Blu-Ray because legally Blu-Ray can not make a Hybrid Disc and with just one crappy movie release; HD-DVD would thrash Blu-Ray.
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