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Why do I bother ; but let me see. You should not go by the top 100 because most veteran HD-DVD owners have already bought these titles so the graph will show Blu-Ray ahead by a large margin because those PS3 buyers are new to the game and are buying their first set of titles. You go by the top 10 to get a true assessment which format has the most buying power. The fact that there are fewer new HD-DVD titles and more PS3s than HD-DVD players and still holding ground...
Your analogy is way off. How about this one. We take your analogy and make one team a high school team (aka HD-DVD) and the other an NFL team (Blu-Ray). Blu-Ray with all of those PS3s and new titles out there should be cleaning HD-DVD's clock but they are not. You have to remember that most of the titles for HD-DVD have already been bought by veteran buyers with very few new titles. This tells me that the PS3 is just a fade and there are more gamers than movie watchers...
Thank you....... This is the point I was trying to make. The overall trend is what you want to look at not the spikes here and there.
If you look at the graph for the past week you will see that the trend for BD is going downward as HD-DVD is holding steady.
If you drop down the date bar you can go back a few days. I just posted this today; I have been watching the site for weeks.
You have made this point over in my thread........It is very shallow. People that Quote Amazon are talking about a trend, I have yet to see someone quote an exact number. You cannot argue that trend is wrong can you? If you can then make the argument. As I said in my thread; when Sony made it's prediction about Blu-Ray and the PS3, the trend for Blu-Ray did go up but it is not holding. To me that is a complete failure because HD-DVD has stayed the same with almost no...
This is not a one day trend..... Blu-Ray has been trending downward for a week. This site HD-DVD VS Blu-Ray has historical data from several days ago.
I only use Amazon as a guide to a trend not as ultimate proof. Their trend is not off at all. When Sony made their prediction; Amazon definitely trended in Blu-Rays favor. But it has not held to their very aggressive prediction.
I have notice over the last few days that Blu-Ray orders are starting to decline. It looks like all the momentum that was there due to the PS3 is officially gone, while the sales of HD-DVD are remaining the same. Whats even more interesting is that there has not been a real increase in the number of HD-DVD titles. What does the mean? Blu-Ray VS HD-DVD Please chime in with any opinions.
Rinas; we are talking about putting h.264 files on disc, please stick to topic
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