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As much as I dislike Sony....I have to say that their projections are bearing some fruit in the Blu-Ray software sales department. I don't know if it is just a temporary surge or something more lasting. I know Toshiba and Microsoft better get their acts together and do something about it. You can look at good sales matrix here Historical views It would be nice if some retail sales stores refuse to sell movies that do not have a HD-DVD/Blu-Ray counterpart.
The answer to both your questions is yes.
I have my Harmony remote setup for this
I have this one 5x1 HDMI Switcher from monoprice. It is inexpensive and works flawlessly.
I am clearly in the HD-DVD camp. I would love for HD-DVD to win this battle but there are some disturbing news or lack thereof this week. First we did not hear any new major studios supporting HD-DVD like the much rumored Lionsgate, or Fox, or Disney. Second; over at thedvdwars.com, BD is catching up to HD-DVD is sales. We need some really good news soon!!!
I live in the Philadelphia suburbs too and when I picked up my A2 there were 4 in stock. I went too the movies and then back to BB to pick up TLS on HD-DVD; all of the A2s were sold out. There were plenty of BDs left.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdub998 Ohh... I want american psycho and pulp fiction... Damn you blu ray!!! I will never Buy Blu-Ray no matter what happens. I have sold everything Sony in my house because of Blu-Ray. If they see the error of their ways and give the wink wink nod nod to Blu-Ray only studios to do both formats; I may let them back in my house.
I just picked up one today from BB. They only had 3 and were sold out before I left the store.
Quote: Originally Posted by mweppner by the way, there was another thread on this for the past couple of days that I can't seem to find. Wonder if they merged it with the A-2 sticky? All the BBs in my area did not have them either as of Sunday.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brian@BBY ^see what I mean. I like how you left out my call for fairness and my call to wait and see what the Holidays bring for Blu-Ray.
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