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Awe, give him the benefit of the doubt. His screenshots are the real deal. BFI/Fox probably saw the negative response from this thread and remastered it really quick before pumping them out in full production.
Here are some screenshots from the BD: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/dvdreviews46/the_last_starfighter_blu-ray.htmCan you post a few of the same ones from the DVD?This one definitely looks like a wax museum: http://www.dvdbeaver.com/film2/dvdreviews46/last_starfighter_blu-ray/large/large_last_starfighter_blu-ray10.jpg
Thanks for the information. Do you have a screenshot comparison for The Last Starfighter? That is an interesting claim to say the DVD looks better.
Thanks for the heads up. I just purchased a new HD-DVD for the first time in a very long time. I never picked up The Sting before, and there were only 2 left on Amazon. Now there is only one.
I was excited about this (and the Sony) for quite a long time. However, I went to see the Avengers at a theater that had active 3D glasses and the weight of them made my nose hurt after awhile. I much prefer passive glasses because you basically forget you are wearing them and don't feel them. In the case of the ST1080, I would imagine the same problem would happen. I think the best solution would be a light weight hat version that doesn't touch your nose or forehead...
Data was a Sith?
what a marketing answer about the scaling... I can't imagine anyone choosing the smaller screen over the scaled larger one.
LOL - good one!
What's "Blue-ray" ???
That's not good. I wonder what that is all about.
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