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A lot of our K customers have big DVD collections. These take up a lot less space on the servers than BD's and in all honesty when your streaming them around the house to smallish TV's in bedrooms etc, picture quality is acceptable to most.
Hi Alan, Mine too. I think I'll be sleeping in my HT room tonight
Hey CD, My preference is actually the 1.33 Schneider Optics lens.
I had a good look at the VP-15 at IFA Berlin (viewing Lord of the rings in SD) and disagree with comments that it is 'less sharp' than the S4 (which I have extensive experience with). I can see why some would say this because the VP-15's overall image is somewhat smoother (especially close up) due mainly to the smaller edge transitions of the higher density 1080 DMD chip which in turn could translate to some observers as 'less sharp'. Having said that I think the S4...
Alan, This looks pretty much my dem room at the moment. Welcome to the club Jason
What aspect ratio is your screen?
Hi Daz, In the UK, the standard throw 11S1 was only available in the usual cream/silver colour. The long throw 11S1 was only available in black. No idea why. Both the VP15 and 11S2 will (I am told by Marantz UK) be available in black. Here's a couple of pics of a black long throw 11S1.
Who says? The price of the VP11-S1 was $20k USD in the US and £10k pounds here in the UK. Pricing of Marantz products in the UK are very competitive with regard to overseas pricing.Edit: And as Chris Beamer mentions, my long throw dem unit should be landing here at some point in December which will replace my VP11-S1.The S2 will be used with a Screen Research 2.35-1 AT screen with a Schneider Optics Anamorphic lens together with their Kino linear lens slide.
The HT3000 is a good projector for sure. Have to disagree with you in your comparison with the VP11S1 though. I've had 2 customers ordering S1's after they'd seen both projectors.
Alan, I'd be very surprised if Sharp introduce another flagship 1080p DLP product. Up until I spoke with Sharp UK last month they had sold a grand total of ZERO 21000's. That's a crying shame considering the bang for buck of that particular product! I fear the story is probably similar throughout the rest of Europe.
New Posts  All Forums: