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Hey we reached 40 degrees today!! And about 80% of the snow has finally melted.That's my same car in Guards Red!I do love my car. There's no doubt about the feel and power compared to my clunky SUV!That said, the M3 is no slouch. It's a performance car in a sedan's body. I have driven them a couple of times and it certainly feels and rides like a racer (unless the newer ones have a lighter suspension mode for daily driving)? Congrats!
Move. I read your reasons for not moving... Yet, move. You'll figure out how to make it work.
I have a mint XA2 with limited use and about 30 discs. Original box, packing and manual and remote. What would be a good price to ask for all?
Good to know. I've had it. I looked it up and recognized the bottle. It is available locally around here. Will pick one up next time at the wine shop.I haven't had anything of consequence lately. I did pick up a Nickel and Nickel Harris Vineyard Merlot 6 pack. At $45/bottle, it the least expensive merlot they make but is is a single Vineyard drink and very, very good. I've been getting back on the Merlot train.
My theater is very complex as well (as you know). That said, Like you, I let my my teens use it. I've mellowed in age and am OK with the risks of teens in a complex, expensive space. Frankly, I got tired of arguing. However, the remote program is idiot proof and a single button press will turn on the entire system,. They can even engage the anamorphic lens and open the masks for scope films with a single button press if they see black bars, The processor is set up with max...
92" of snow in this winter. We haven't seen our lawns in 4 months and the roads are full of salt and potholes. At $2500 a rim, I can't afford to drive in the snow!
I'm giving you **** for sure. Nothing personal... But 7.1 is a great thing. Glad you [finally] found it. My Porsche is now 3 years old. Just took it out of storage this weekend. Boy, did I miss it!
7.1? Really? Where have you been..? You Theta guys take this waiting approach far too seriously - but then again you just got HDMI a couple years ago.I'm gearing up for a 9.2 or 13.1 system now.. see you there in 10 years!
I wish I went!
7.1 is old. Time for change. More is better. I think 11.1 would be an ideal number. It IS coming. The additional channels will be 'folded' into the typical 7.1 track (as Auro is doing) so the channels will be there if you have the set up.
New Posts  All Forums: