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I have 5 Seston sibmersives behind my screen. Hopefully my screen doesn't look like a sail on a windy day!
Brick that window to start (or otherwise wall if off and re-board over it. Just eliminate it. If its 103 db 8 ft outside of the room, then it is likely at least 115 db in the room. That's pretty loud. Moreover, the sound will get worse for the neighbors when the sub is cranking. Even with all of that, likely the bass will bleed out. .... Or move.
Interesting conversation. The bass modeling sounds ver, very cool (and quite expensive). I wish I could employ such. I have a Trinnov MC in my room on trial and it is a pretty amazing 'box' as he calls it. I wish it had some bass modeling... Enlightening conversation and I didn't feel he disrespected anyone. I think at his level, he has little time for courtesy in describing once well regarded theories, etc that have been long since proven inaccurate. Good interview.
I've only heard pink noise through them... Hope to have them all calibrated tonight or tomorrow.
5 Seaton Submersives.... And they were just delivered!
Oops.. Edited!
I had a Lumagen with 1080P24sf and it looked great on mine. Not a huge difference over 1080i but somewhat better none the less. I did not pay to have it upgraded.
How to keep IP address from changing on Comcast XFINITY ISP? I had it at, now its at How can I set up an address that won't change? Thanks!
I like piano gloss on a piano but in a theater, it gets quite reflective.
It does all of that. THere are a myriad of IR and RS-232 codes in the database.My recommendation would be for iRule but if time is of the essence and you hire an installer, RTI is capable.
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