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The S64 has the antiglare screen similar to the ST60 but with an S60 display panel.Given your comparisons, would that make things different?Thanks!
Hey guys, I'm been following this thread for a bit. I was initially going for ST60 but cant get myself to pay so much more for the 65" model (which is what i really want) compared to the 60" model. This TV seems perfect for me as I do no really care for 3D. I am extremely interested in this tv set but have sams membership. it seems that the base price is cheaper on sams club but the warranties differ. Does costco offer the squaretrade warranty or did you have to purchase...
Have the Comcast Motorola DHC3416 and am attempting to transfer something from my recorded library to my PC (recording was from dateline). I have all the drivers installed on my XP box but when i plug in the firewire cable to the dvr, everything changes. The screen flickers, the dvr display appears to reset, and only the unprotected channels are available and stream correctly. Now all this is incredible, but when I hit DVR nothing happens. The TV screen states the DVR...
check out this thread: DTD Calculator:http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...esolution+tool I used this DTD for 1366x768: 66 21 50 B2 51 00 1B 30 40 70 36 00 75 F2 31 00 00 1E Keywords for search: G45, 1366x768, DTD
http://www.tomshardware.com/news/GPU...card,6627.html This sounds a lot like the G45. Who thinks this will work as stated?
I found this DTD: 66 21 50 B2 51 00 1B 30 40 70 36 00 75 F2 31 00 00 1E from archibael here and it now works... but now no more hdmi audio. This is so frustrating. any other ideas? this is so stupid.
I have a Vizo VM60P that has a native resolution of 1360x768. I've read the first post and got the EDID: Code: Intel(R) Graphics Media Accelerator Driver Report Report Date: 10/04/2008 Report Time[hr:mm:ss]: 18:06:35 Driver Version: Operating System: Windows Vista (TM) Ultimate* , Service Pack 1 (6.0.6001) Default Language: English DirectX* Version: 10.0 Physical Memory: 1977 MB Minimum Graphics Memory: 32 MB Maximum Graphics Memory: 765...
tried every sata port with the sony blu ray drive (BDU-X10S) but no boot. works fine with the liteon blu ray drive. luckily. Anybody get DXVA to work with this board? I read on the other forum that mpc-hc is about to work but any update?
It was my Sony Blu Ray drive. Tossed in my LiteOn drive and it works. When you say update the firmware.. do you mean the firmware on my optical drive or intel board? Which SATA port works for optical? If it is just a firmware upgrade of my optical drive.. how can i update it if i cant boot into an o/s with it installed?
I hit F2 attempting to get into the bios setup. Then I hit Tab to get rid of the intel logo screen. will try these recs after work. hopefully i can get this thing going.
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