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When the top banner leaves at times I have pink/magenta pixalization show up just at the top of the screen, then leaves. I am using also a DVDO Edge. I bypassed the edge and the issue still happened. My TV is a Pioneer 141 Signature. I know the HR-24 puts out a color space that is RGB (16-235). I have tried verything and cannot get rid of it. This pixalization does not show up when using Blue Ray, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Jim
The only thing that shows on the unit display is the Title & Time. How do you get it to display chapter, etc.? Thanks. Jim
How do you pass a 1080p signal through the Edge with no processing? When I set the Deep Color on the Edge and source to 444 or RGB I get either no picture or goofy colors. Yet if I run an HDMI cable directly from the source to my Pio Signature Elite 141 I get a great picture showing 36 bits. All of my HDMI cables are 1.3. Any thoughts? Thanks. Jim
I hooked up a Comcast Digital Box for a priest friend in a nursing home. All works fine except the front display on the box is blank except for the green power light. What am I doing wrong? I forgot to look what type box he has other than it is silver with a front LCD display.Thanks. Jim
My Bad! The Deep Color works only with 444 and RGB, not with 422. The firmware 1.3 says that 30 bit and 36 bit only works at 444 and RGB. Jim
The new Deep Color option only works if RGB or 422 is being sent to it. If you set your source to either of these, you should get a pic. I cannot find a way to send either of these color spaces from my Toshiba XA2. It seems to only send 422. Does anyone know how to change the color space on te XA2? Jim
I was able to get a picture with 1080i being input. Edge says 36 bit being input but not matter what you put the Deep Color out to, Auto, 36 bit, it outputs either 20bit or 24 bit. This new firmware 1.3 with respect to deep color is screwed up. Jim ps: I'm outputing Color Space of YCbCr 422
Same issue here. I Have a Pio Elite 141 TV which handles 36 bit fine. But when I set the Edge Deep Color Output to Auto and Input to Auto, just get a blue screen with audio when paying from my Oppo 83, Toshiba XA2 and LG BH200 all which output 36 bit. Help DVDO! Jim
I have found that setting my DirecTV DVR to output native but markout 480i as a choice of output that I get a much better PQ than allowing 480i to be output. Perhaps it is because PReP is active and does a nice job on the 480p. I thought I would pass this along. Jim
I have a PRO 141 and I have FULL 1 and FULL 2. Jim
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