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Yes. I first tried it immediately after the addition of network access to the -83. I did not expect it to work, but it did. (I posted my experience on this thread.) I have used it a number of times since, but normally stream with other devices (since DLNA is so feeble).My workflow is: AnyDVD > DVD Shrink (if I need to select streams) > VOB2MPG (which combines files and corrects any PTS errors). Of course some files look better than others.
That may be true for .mkvs, but it is not true in general ("media file copies"). I have streamed .mpgs ripped from DVDs to the -83, and it worked beautifully. Perhaps you're thinking of the -93?
Ouch! Could Newegg's packaging have contributed? They used to be pretty nonchalant with bare drives: a little bubble-wrap and toss them into a box to rattle around like the beans in maracas.
Here's the listing at ResellerRatings.com: http://www.resellerratings.com/store/Oaktechnology_Digital_Sales_6. Not good.
David,In the first place, he was responding to another's comment. (Isn't that the whole point of such fora?)In the second place, what hes said was--and is--true. The site was not--and still is not--ready for prime time. It was evidently launched with very little forethouhgt."We have already said that it is being worked on being redone. And no, I do not have a timeline for it. . . It will be addressed."That is really not much of a response: "Yeah, when we get around to it....
You've got it all wrong: they're "features."
Since it wasn't broken, why did you "fix" it?Agreed.How long have you people been in this business? Have your devs actually used Search elsewhere?
. . . for which I am glad! Thanks, Nev.
Whoops! I missed that. I just assumed that the "flagship" would still have them. Silly of me. "I would seriously consider an upgrade if I did not have to accept a downgrade to get one." Well put.
Thanks. I thought I had forwarded them earlier today (right click/forward in Outlook 2010), but realized that they were attached instead, after you responded.
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