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lurkor - Thanks for the reply. So the 2nd HDMI input makes a difference? Weird. dbl
Hey all. I'm normally hanging out over in the DIY section but need the help for a friend and his projector, and I knew this was the area. He has a BenQ710st and a Sony dvd bdp-s5100 running directly to it via HDMI 1.4. He is not getting any 3D image at all. In fact, the 3D settings on the projector are all greyed out. I think it's because the projector needs to be run off a computer via Nvidia set up, correct? Or is it something else? Any help would be very much...
LOVIN' THE ANSWER DS!!! Way to go old school! Haven't heard (or even thought) of those names in quite some time. Thanks for the run down memory lane. I still have an old Adcom. Man they were/are beasts!dbl
Check out this setup from Powersoft Audio Here's the text from the video. As displayed by Ken Blecher at InfoComm 2013 in this exclusive video for FRONT of HOUSE magazine's FOH-TV, Powersoft unveiled its M-Force system, a revolutionary drive system for subwoofers that uses fixed coils and moving magnets (rather than the traditional moving voice coil and stationary magnet structure). Intended for high-performance professional sound reinforcement applications, the...
Thanks for the replies guys. I'm sorry I didn't respond quicker. I guess I shouldn't have posted it right before mom's day weekend. We are out of town so I didn't get a chance before now. MK I agree with you about some sort of horn for them would be nice, but you're also correct when you say that a ep4000 is plenty. I think I just want to keep it simple for now and go with something sealed or ported. I don't have the T/S anymore either, but I can did around when I get...
Ok. So I've got a pair of eD190v.2's still in their boxes and an EP4000 to power them. I was looking to build something for the home theater, but I've already got the low end pretty well covered in there, so I thought about building something with them for live sound. I'm a FOH guy and I thought I should put these things to use. I've seen several builds; a couple with sonotubes (thanks MK) and some with dual subs in the same box. I'm looking more for a couple separate...
Something like this? dbl
I just got a quote for $2000. That's too steep for me. I'm out. dbl
Bill, that is signature worthy.....dbl
Agreed! Remember when every other build thread on here was a THT of some sort (including yours and mine)? At least this one is frequently updated, but only due to all the problems you've had with it Aaron. Sorry to hear things aren't going as smooth as they should be. But once you get it built, you WON'T be disappointed! I'm curious about your "double wall". Did you add to the internal or external dimensions?dbl
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