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Almost right. The other likely important function is network file playback, which fails with multiCPU setups.
Vlad: Yes, just as in WXP.
Bob: MyHD runs just fine in W7 too, as long as you run its installer with XP-SP3 compatibility turned on.
Looks to be the tablet equivalent of the USB PC tuner, Larry. I wonder if it'll have better software support?
Astarte, it sounds as though your new HDD enclosure is somehow incompatible with the TViX. I have no idea what could cause that, but I suggest that you try connecting the HDD to the TViX either by putting it inside the TViX or by using another USB adapter and see if that works. Otherwise, you could try formatting the HDD with the TViX in the current enclosure (IIRC, the M6500 does support HDD formatting itself) but that is likely to take a long time and I'm not...
Please see item G.10 in the MyHD MetaFAQ.
RTFM? Click the Options button on the Main tab to open the tuner configuration window. Then right click on the tuner icons in the upper left pane of that window to expose the tuner settings, where you can set the recording destination folder.
Thorny1, regarding copying/moving recordings to another box, you can write a simple batch file to do that and then you can schedule it via Task Scheduler to make it "automatic". A terrific alternative to that is to use the VideoReDo free add-on called VAP. It can be used to automatically strip out commercials and then save the results in another location. This can also be triggered via Task Scheduler. But, of course, you need to have purchased VRD to use it.
Yet another reason to use CW_EPG for scheduling, Muse.
Nani, I'm not sure just what you're saying in the immediately above post. You can go into Task Scheduler and disable (or just disable their ability to wake your PC to run) any of the tasks that you feel are not essential. (I saw the same quixotic wakeups as you and ebo in the early W7 days. But IIRC, they were much less numerous on the RTM version of the OS than they were on the beta test version, where one didn't have the option to opt out of the "user experience"...
New Posts  All Forums: