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McIntosh and Marantz are not owned by the same company now, although they were at the time the MX121 was designed. D&M Holdings sold McIntosh Labs to Fine Sounds SpA in October, 2012. See http://www.strata-gee.com/2012/10/08/dm-sells-mcintosh-labs-to-italian-high-end-marketer-backed-by-private-equity/
I think the actress playing the "busybody" church lady is doing an excellent job portraying her character. I find her quite detestable!
My understanding is that many (most?) AVR designs which include the newest DTS decoders always upmix 5.1 DTS source material to 7.1 if you have a speaker system that's more than 5.1. I dunno if the DTS decoder included in Sony's S5100 includes that feature. The S5200 certainly doesn't, since its decoders downmix both Dolby and DTS to stereo LPCM.
Some rationalizations: 1. SHIELD's secret facilities have their own local cellular antenna systems which connect to a public phone system in a city far, far away. Or randomly switch among a large number of remote connections. (In the real world, local, limited area cellular antenna systems are quite common in buildings where external signals are too weak to be picked up. Roaming charges accrue if the antenna system doesn't include your own phone's service provider.) 2....
Sometimes finding the actual source of a hum at power-line frequencies can be quite difficult. The traditional name for it is "ground loop". Getting power from two different phases of the incoming AC is one possibility. Make sure that the turntable is plugged into the same wall power outlet as the receiver. i.e. use a socket on the same surge-protected power strip. Sometimes the grounding problem actually is in the video cable coming from the cable-TV service provider....
Yup Hand's dead. Just like Coulson was... except that now there's no T.A.H.I.T.I. Unless there are more of them.
Of course. They have to cram in as many advertisements as they can so they can make a profit, which often means scenes have to be cut so a movie will fit in the available time. If you want a quality movie experience, don't watch it on a channel which has to interrupt it with commercials.
No, you're not missing anything. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Some people have been trying to use features that the updates are supposed to fix, so for them the updates can be important. However, I suspect a few people just can't stand having equipment that isn't running the latest-and-greatest,whether or not they actually use the affected options. After all, if new firmware updates are available, they must make things better, right? Sadly, too often that viewpoint...
Nope, only rumors from "respected sources" which is why I phrased it the way I did.
Supposedly a/v equipment that will be introduced this fall will be "game changing". Apparently quite a few AVRs and pre/pros will be available with support for object-oriented audio. 4K60 and HDMI V2 will be the least of it.
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