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Now the new 54" TFT LCD looks extremely interesting. Not much info available on Samsung's website but enough to get a guy salivating. Anyone has more pertinent info like cost, availability, etc? I know there was a reason to wait until after the CES to make a purchase.
Nagorak: I completely agree with your posting. Which Hitachi model are you referring to as the best of angle viewing? thanks, Rick
Greetings: Anyone have any experience with either a Zenith or LG LCD 60" TV? Model numbers are D60WLCD for the Zenith or RU60SZ10 for the LG. Any info would be appreciated as I am looking for a 60" and the choices are very limited. Thanks in advance, Rick
cjjj: Where abouts in Canada are you? Where did you find the 60" for $6800? Thanks, Rick
I hear you loud and clear, especially the part about DLP's and LCD's being great for DVD's. My concern is I watch a lot of network television and I have yet to read where the "new" technology is adequate for network TV. It sounds like DLP's and LCD's require a real strong signal to realize their full potential and we Canadians do not have access to HD signal yet. I never play video games, so the only concern with CRT's for me is burn in while in 4:3 mode, which can be...
Amen brother. R
DuckMuck: Dido, I agree about the built in obsolescence thing. I started off earlier this year looking to upgrade my HT system, starting first with sound, which I did. Next was going to be the video portion. Waited for the new CRT's to come out, which they did. Spent the last couple of months researching brands, only to become more confused then when I started. Thought I was happy with Toshiba HDX's but this board along with others seemed not to be able to get a...
mg: Try CGM Sound & Color in North Van, 604 987-3121, they handle a lot of Panasonic but I know they don't have any info on the new DLP yet. If anyone does get these sets, they will be the ones. Tell them where you found their name, it might help. Good luck, Rick
mg: The Panasonic dealers I spoke to didn't know anything about Panasonics new DLP, therefore, seeing one in the near future doesn't sound likely. We can't spend our hard earned money just yet. Cheers, Rick
DuckMuck: Thanks for the info. My problem with plasmas is simply a size thing...well, along with the cost thing. I finally came to grips with "size is important" when it comes to the home theater experience anyway... I now am not looking at anything less than 50 something inches which narrows my choices considerably. 60" plasma would be ideal but I don't have any rich uncles, so that is pretty much out of the question. The reading I've been doing indicates plasma and...
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