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It is a multi-voltage CLD-3080. They were sold at the military PX, not sure where else.
The coax output on the 504 is AC-3 RF modulated. It is not a digital output. You need the AC-3 demodulator to convert it to a normal Dolby digital bitstream. Receivers are no longer made with internal demodulators. The one he mentioned will work. I also have a Sony model I would sell. The 504 does not have a standard digital output.
The majority of people end up using composite, some stay with S-Video. It really depends on the player you have and the TV.
Good that means you just need to replace the loading belt that is at the front under the tray. Generic part number SCQ4.0. Or try cleaning the one in the machine and it will work fine.
1. For LD it lets you select right/left/stereo for either analog or digital, just the way to was designed. 2. Again DTS stereo which is only in CD's or DTS 5.1 LD or CD? LD was developed before 5.1 either AC-3 or DTS. You just need to accept that with LD the decoding chip feeds right/left/stereo out the dig output just as you select and it can only separate Stereo recordings. IF it is a DTS 5.1 recording it does not know how to separate a 5.1 signal so you get...
There are a couple things this could be. The 504 has a laser movement holder that holds the motor to the pickup assembly and sometimes the pins break that hold the gears between the motor and track or the loading belt is slipping. Hopefully the loading belt. Take off the top and put in the CD. press play and after the tray goes in the mechanical assembly moves up, A bad belt will not lift it all the way up so just grab the mechanical assembly and help it raise up. ...
If you are listening to the 5.1 encoded sound you cannot select Right or Left as this is not a normal Stereo bitstream it is a 5.1 DTS encoded bitstream and the processing chips cannot detect right or left. Really it does not make sense why you would do this. Right/Left is a stereo function and you want the DTS 5.1 sound. When you want 5.1 that is what it outputs. When you want stereo then right/left have a meaning.
I only remembering hearing about a couple, one I believe was Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
SOLD - Battlestar Galactica Blu-Ray Discs, The Complete Series. I bought this to watch while recovering from total knee replacement so it has been watched once. Still in AS-New condition. This is the official US release.
With the tray all the way out you should see a belt under the left side of the tray. You need to remove and clean or remove and replace the belt. Generic belt part number is SCQ4.0
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