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For some reason it is not reading the TOC (Table of Contents) correctly. If it cannot read the TOC it considers the disc to be single sided. Disc could be slipping in the clamp and the TOC could not be read in the specified time allowed. Try putting the disc in the tray and then press "Side B" to close the tray. See if it goes to side B. Also; do you have the problem with ALL LD's you own?
You either have a stuck button on the front panel. Make sure there is nothing in the SR jacks on the back I/O or the Front Panel or Power supply is bad. Hate to say it but unless you can fix it yourself or need the multi-voltage unit it would be cheaper to replace than fix.
You need to remove the top Audio board to get to the pulley or gears that are under the right side of the tray to turn manually with your finger, one direction will load the tray and raise the mechanics, the other will lower the mechanics and push the tray out.
The white silicon grease is slick, if you put anything on there that causes friction your in trouble.
The guide rail probably needs lubrication. See if there is any extra white silicon grease around the guide rail or see if you can get some somewhere like radio shack and put a thin layer on the top and bottom rails.
The something near the rear is either the pickup or the cable going to it. Sounds like the pickup is working OK but you have issues with the spindle motor. Either the motor or the drive circuit to the motor have issues.
Duncan is very active on LaserDisc Data Base, LDDB.com
I can always buy some for you in the US but they are not cheap, with tax and shipping they are around $20 each. Then add shipping to you
The VEB1237 is the part for the 503/703/704/79/99
Are you sure of the part number. The 2950 looks like a CLD-D503 and the spindle motor rubber cushion for that is VEB1237. Pioneer in the US says VEB1135 is no longer available.
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