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remove the audio board, top right and then under the tray at the front right you will be able to feel the pulley that lifts.lowers the mechanism and opens the tray.
You just need to start looking for cables that are not fully plugged in. It has nothing to do with the laser, in moving boards something is unplugged.
Just pull the tray out to the stops, it will go further than what the player ejects it, or press the two "J" hooks on the back of the tray to the side and remove it. Either way you should see it on the left front under the tray. Also clean the white pulley. Just make sure if you pull the tray out you re-insert it in the open mode for the player.
Try grabbing the mechanical part you see coming up in back when the noise starts and lift up on it. If this helps complete the load so it can try to play then you need a new SCQ4.0 belt. With the tray fully extended you'll see it under the tray left front. If that does not help then you have something jamming the movement.Kurtis
The MSC4000 can output different types of signals, RGB or a couple different component type signals. There is a button on the right front that provides the menu to select the type of output signal. Make sure that is correct.
There are "C" clips and split washers that hold the gears on, you have to remove the gears and pull out the shafts to get to the broke gear you have. If you can replace the gears and put the same pickup back you you probably won't need an alignment. Put in a different laser and normally you need to align it. To remove the pickup you need to remove the rod that it slides on. There will be a screw on one side of the bar and then you slide the bar out of the other end.
You either need to replace the pickup or get something like a bad CLD-2080 that has good gears and swap them into your pickup.
The gear you see spinning always turns when the pickup moves. So the fact that it is turning and the pickup is not moving means eith the pickup is stuck or the vertical gears next to this are broke. The problem is your pickup is not moving.
The two things that could have happened with a hard drop during shipment. 1) the mechanical assembly that controls the tray movement can be damaged and sometimes the three mounting feet get broke. 2) the gears for laser pickup movement break and it is trying to move the pickup. I tend to think #1 may be your issue.
Local shops do have a great benefit, no shipping with handling and sorting belts. To defend Duncan and myself I can say not every player arrives exactly as we corrected them, sometimes things happen. I've had players I've turned over, shaken, etc. and then repaired and after arriving a small broken piece finally shakes loose from where it was pinned and the person receiving the unit my notice and not be pleased but I was not willing to drop or bang the player really hard...
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