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No option for me. This is my third HD-DVD. I have an A1, the 360 Add-on, and now the A2.
I bought 2 with the 40$ coupon.
Was that with the H79 in high or low lamp mode? Here is my opinion (and use) of my h79 (upgraded from a Sharp Z9000). - 100% light controlled room. - 110" diag Firehawk. - I watch movies in low lamp mode. (High lamp mode is raises the black level [black bars] too much. At 300 hours, low lamp mode is too bright sometimes. Transition from low light to bright hurt my eyes occasionally. The contrast is more than acceptable. It could always use more, but I would...
Tom, How would you compare the z20000 to your old h79 when it comes to contrast, black level, and brightness. I love the picture the h79 throws, but was hoping to upgrade to a 1080p projector also. Just like you, the H81 wont easily fit into my room so the z20000 and the upcoming benq are new options for me.
Have you tried playing a HD-DVD yet? From my experience, once you go 2.0, you cant go back.
Quote: Originally Posted by luipic Unfortunately the pc mode pressing resync on the optoma remote will wash out all the details and kill the contrast. I also havent had any luck calibrating the optoma when in PC mode. No adjustments to the service menu or the user menu gains and bias will work.
Tom, I understand this projector is bright. How do the black levels compare to the H79? Does the increased brightness of the HD81 increase the absolute black level?
Tom, You had the habit of yelling from the rooftops how excellent the picture that H77 and H79 threw, yet, you don't seem to have the same level of enthusiasm for the HD81? What is your opinion of replacing a H79 with a HD81, would it be an upgrade on all accounts? Brad
Quote: Originally Posted by gashog301 The only clip I saw that looked great was Chiken Litttle, all the other movies looked like sd dvd. Our local BB has moved to exclusivly demoing only the Chiken Litttle clip, on loop I think. They used to show movies from released blu-ray, but, no longer. I find it frustrating because movies (displayed on the HD-Player next to the Blu-Ray one) usually cant hold up to computer animation in a demo. But then...
I am running 1.4 and my projector does crush black and white in the default video levels mode, but, I have the ability to set my projector to computer levels with a button press and then the b & W levels are fine. Its a little inconvient having to press an exra button on the remote every time a movie starts, but, the other (percieved) advantages to v1.4 make it worth it for me. I also cant seem to be able to adjust the RGB gains in computer mode, but, the tosh is...
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