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no one?
Hello, when i try to change the treble or bass , i dont hear any difference, same thing with the equalizer, do you have any clue? best regards
Hello i own the Z4 since 2 years, i mostly use it for 4:3 signal as a every day display, the problem is that the side parts that stays black when is in 4:3 mode isa darker now in 16:9 mode, are my lcd panels gone?.. Regards
Be Urbi ,allora ti auguro di godertelo il piu' possibile e veramente molto buono!... Ciao! :) ;) :)
The EPSON is 16:9 ,the Infocus 4:3. The black level of Epson is very good.
Thanks to everybody!!...But i don't thin is source dependent because you can see these lines even with the internal pattern generator of the proj.
I noticed a Very strange thing, when the proj. is in FRONT projection mode the lines are less visible ,if the proj. is in FRONT CEILING mode they are sharper and more visible...... I am realy confused!...
In reality the lines aro more visible...and more sharp..
and this..
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