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It is through LG. Circuit City may do the repairs though. You can check with them or find another LG authorized service center. Robert
In the U.S. (I think in Canada too), you have a 2 year warranty. If I remember correctly, this model started shipping in February 2005 in the U.S., so you should be covered under warranty. Even if you purchased the set used, you should be able to get it covered without a receipt based on the manufacturing date being within 2 years. If the lines extend from the top all the way to the bottom of the screen, it is likely a defective panel. If they only extend halfway...
I think the higher end model also has PIP and more displayable colors (higher bit rate). Robert
That looks like a bad driver board. It is a repairable problem as long as the part is available. (Toshiba is bad with PC boards that are not commonly replaced. I have seen boards on order for many months in some cases.) The Ebay auction you reference is a plasma with a cracked panel - it is worthless except for the boards for parts. Robert
Quote: Originally Posted by mikesd If there is any doubt what a B.S. company LG is, I spoke to him today and he told me he has requested the manual from the company five times and it still has not been sent to him. Authorized service centers should have immediate access to service manuals via the web. Quote: Oh Yea, I found out LG's policy is they have sixty days to get a service man out on a problem and then another sixty days from...
An S-video distributioan amp will give you what you want. Here is one: http://www.cablestogo.com/product.as...=509&sku=41064 (I'm not advocating the company, that's just what came up on Google.) Robert
I'm not sure what the D's are for, but this looks like it is for a video signal consisting of Red, Green, Blue, Horizonal sync, and Vertical sync such as would be output by a PC on an HD15 connector. Some set top boxes also have this type of output. Robert
There is not a DVR in that model. There would be an 'R' after the 'D' in the model number if there were, e.g. 60PY2DR. I think this is a complete list of DVR models: 50PX4DR, 50PY2DR, 60PY2DR, 50PC1DR, 50PC1DRA, 42LB1DR, and 42LB1DRA. Robert
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