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A spot in the middle of the screen can also be a spot where the phosphors are burned in the red CRT. The only way to fix that would be to replace the CRT which is generally not economical. Robert Edit: changed color from 'green' to 'red'
IC960 controls the output voltage to the LNBF. It is possible it could have failed due to a power surge on the satellite line or it coud have simply overheated. The diodes are supply diodes for the 24V line that powers the IC. When the IC failed, the diodes shorted out and any other circuits supplied by the 24V supply ceased functioning. Does Sony charge a flat rate for repair or did they give you an estimate? Robert
LG has memory card readers on the 50PX5D, 50PX4DR, and 50PY2DR 50" models. Robert
Also the LG LST-3100A supports QAM. The least expensive options are probably this or the Samsung above. Robert
Updated with preliminary 2006 model info. Robert
See http://www.pcmag.com/encyclopedia_te...i=41088,00.asp All 3 of these models have reverse 3:2 pulldown. Robert
Welcome to Zenith's (Plasma website)(LCD website) - Model Summary (by year) This page is maintained by robert123, please contact me for errors or suggestions either by private message or by posting a reply below. If the brand model below is not underlined more details are not available. If you would like to create a page containing more details for any model of this brand, also contact robert123. Click on the Brand Name above to reach the AVSforum FAQ Home Page for...
The 37LP1D is the high end model with CableCARD, FireWire inputs, media card reader, PIP, etc. The DU-30LZ30 started out as last years model but is still being made. The DU-37LZ55 is a new Canadian model. Robert
If the line is only 1 pixel wide (you can see the pixel structure easily if you look at it with a magnifying glass) and runs all the way from top to bottom, exchange the set. Robert
You can see some specs on the 46 series at Zenith's website. This does not look like it is HDTV. It is a dual-scan television. It is designed for computer use and displays 800x600 @ 60 Hz (600p) via RGB input as well as the standard 480i NTSC resolution. Robert
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