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Yes, as long as it is not KF-42WE610K. The actual Sony part # for the XL-2100U lamp is A1606034B. Robert
The LSS-3200A will not do QAM. The specs you are looking at are incorrect. I would recommend the LG LST-4200A if you want a box for QAM and OTA. Robert
The half life is also 60,000 hours for the MU series at 42" and 50" sizes. Robert
It looks like the LG 71" MW-71PY10 may actually ship soon, but probably only in small quantities. Robert
The 52SZ8D is the equivalent to the Zenith Z52SZ80 sold in the US. As far as I know, the only DLPs LG makes for Toshiba are the 44NHM84 and 44HM85. Robert
Also, the LG LST-3200A and Hughes HTL-HD DirecTV receivers that are the same as the Sony SAT-HD300. The LG LST-3100A and LST-4200A OTA receivers will as well. Robert
Both the DU-37LZ30 and 37LP1D are current models. The 37LP1D is a model that has more limited distribution as it is sold only through more specialized dealers. Robert
The CR is a little better on the 42". For some reason, they only list 5000:1 for the 42" even though it uses the new 10,000:1 rated panel. Robert
This is a brand new model. I did not know it had started shipping already. I don't think you will find any reviews yet. Click on the Zenith flat panel link in my signature for more information. There is a link to the specs on the Zenith website. Robert
The 17LX1R and 23LX1R support 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i on the rear component inputs. Robert
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