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Looking for some help here. I have been using aTVs since they came out and even a mac mini with OSXBMC (then Plex) for a while, but the stability was never enough for the family so stuck with the ATVs. Now I am looking for a Bluray quality solution for my theater and I saw things like Dune HD Max, Dune HD Base 3D, Mede8ter, Zappiti Player, etc. So here are some basic requirements that can not be compromised. 1. Need no issues playing back at 23.976. (from what I can...
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Use Plex, www.plexapp.com 720p MKV files should only be around 10 - 15Mbps tops. Plex plays every 1080p I throw at it over my Unraid via gigabit network.
Have a buddy who may want a mini for a HTPC and asked me to setup it for him. Just wanted to see if anyone had success with a C2D mac mini and a Samsung 46" LCD model 4661, it is roughly 10 months old I believe. Thanks
I've had my 890 & RF extender working fine for about 11 months until 2 days ago when the remote seemed to be too 'weak' to get commands to the RF extender. Nothing is new in my house as far as RF interference goes. So I assumed it was the remote or extender, so I went out and purchased a new 890 and RF extender to find the same exact problem. So I assumed it was interference of some kind. So I moved the position of the RF extender slighlty and that seemed to work for...
Plex for sure, it handles all my 1080p content except the dreaded bird scene in planet earth volume 1. I have a 1.83 C2D mac mini with 1ghz ram.
In case anyone else has this problem the fix was a program called AliasHerder.
Imported all my photos into iPhoto from various locations and had the option to import into iPhoto unchecked. The problem is now I want to have iPhoto as the original source source of all photos is there a way to have iPhoto grab the original files and import into the iPhoto library? Or do I have to reimport everything? I am doing this to view via Plex. Thanks and hope this makes sense.
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