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I am traveling right now but from memory:Under unRAID 5.0rc11, the last tab on the main screen has network settings. Click the NFS icon and then enable NFS and apply. Then go to the Shares tab and click the specific share you want to enable NFS. Apply your settings. Restart unRAID (not 100% sure this is necessary but...). On my Mede8er, I left the NFS settings to auto. Now you can browse to the share and try it. I have streamed high bitrate 3D without issues.As I...
Hi Mede8er,Currently there is a 2,000 movie limitation on a single database. Can you remove this limitation as aggregation across many shares will likely exceed that number for those of us with larger libraries? If it is not removable can you please explain why?Thanks and regards, Peter
Thank you!
Does the Netflix search functionality use the keyboard on the remote or does it only work with the onscreen keyboard? I ask because the videos of the interface show what appears to be people selecting letters with the directional keys. Thanks and regards, Peter
I was at my local Fry's a few days ago picking up another Boxee Box (on sale for $179). All inventory on the shelf (6 of them) were returned open box units. I asked one of the sale associates to look for new stock in the back. The had a few left. This coupled with the Amazon info is worrisome... Regards, Peter
My 42G10 is running the following firmware: TV 0140-1010 Status1 01000-10210 Status2 00000-00000 Status3 0.4.0 HDAVI Control 4 Timing all 5 settings for Slideshow, I get the following: Very Fast - 1 sec Fast - 5 sec Medium - 10 sec Slow - 30 sec Very Slow - 60 sec These measurements were done with a stopwatch... Regards, Peter
This is bizarre. I have a 42G10 (Feb 2009) build. With the original firmware, the SLOW setting was about 30 seconds (timed). I attached an ethernet cable and did a check for software upgrades. It found one and ran the update. With the latest firmware, the SLOW setting still clocks in at 30 seconds (checked with timer again). I do not know why there are differing results but suggest that people using the slides actually time the changes to see the setting that produces...
Jack, Awesome! Thanks for the data. By the way, is there still a chance that more of the XdS and XdW units will be available again? I have a few interested parties looking for more. Thanks and regards, Peter
Jack, For those of us lucky enough to get a couple of complete XdW, can you post the parametric eq values as well as HP values? Thanks and regards, Peter
Jack, I downloaded the XdW Sub FAQ. However, the data is quite limited. You refer to 2-3 bands of eq via a parametric equalizer. Can you please share the correct values just as you did for the S-80? Thanks and regards, Peter
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