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David, I had a great time at last years party, so count me in! - 2 guests if that is OK? Thanks
Tarheel72, Yes, we just turn up the sound on the TV. The RF carries both sound and video. I guess I had not thought of the issue being caused at the cable box end. It could be possible that the cable box is sending the message across the RF input when it looses communication with the Denon. I don't know if unplugging the HDMI cable from the cable box would give me a better clue as to the source of the problem, but I will give it a try and report back. Thanks,
I have a question concerning the 5687. If this has been covered elsewhere in this thread, let me know and I will read the entire thread. I tried a couple of searches, but came up blank. I just finished helping a friend set up his 5687 and we are connected from a TW PVR HD cable box via HDMI into a Denon 2807, then HDMI out of the Denon to the TV. Everything works fine. When we finished the full install, setup, and training, my buddy's wife asked if she can just...
Cloudnine, I Installed a Da-lite CSR high power pull down screen at a clients house almost 3 years ago. They use the theater 3 - 6 times a week and we have not had a single problem with wrinkles. The one thing that may be different from some other installs is that we ended up with our final screen position in between the normal detent points that I believe are determined by the ratchet assembly portion of the mechanism. One stop point was a little too high, the next...
It looks like I am running into the same problem with A Direct TV HDTV box and a Pioneer VSX-72TXVi. I had helped a freind set this configuration up along with a Sony HS-51A projector and a Pioneer DV-45a DVD player. I have HDMI form the DTV box to the receiver, and component from the DVD to the receiver, and a single HDMI cable going from the 72TXvi HDMI out to the Sony projector. I was able to confirm the DVD was working fine before I left, but my friend had to call...
I installed a Sim2 300E-Link about a year ago and we used a Da-Lite 52X92 High Power (2.8 gain on axis with the lens, so a little less at our seating position) with the projector ceiling mounted at a height of about 2 feet above head level when seated, and about 16 feet from the screen. The picture is gorgeous, but not real bright. In the light controlled setting of a dedicated theater, this works great and is very relaxing on the eyes and easy to watch.
OK Thanks, I will give her a call.
I originally bought the CF-6000 package and I believe I am at ColorFacts version 3.03 now but I will have to wait until I get home tonight to fire up my laptop and verify for sure. I know I did not get a "Pro-5 or 6" version.
Question? I am a recent purchaser of the Accupel HDG-3000 and I have Colorfacts with the Gretag-Macbeth eye one. Do the auto calibration features and link to the HDG-3000 work with the non-pro version of colorfacts? I don't recall seeing any option for the HDG-3000, or do the options only show up when you are connected via the serial cable to HDG-3000: Thanks
All, Thanks very much for all the feedback. This is why I love this forum. One could spend hours, if not weeks trying to research this stuff. It's great to have the opportunity to feed off the experience of others. Cheers!
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