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I'd bite on that, especially if the sound quality is intact but the number of channels are reduced.7.1 works for me.- Rich
Claiming there is no current limiting and having no current limiting is not the same thing.The Panamax 5400 (the same company as Furman) claims that for my amplifier outlet. I have no idea if they are current limiting. However, I know I will not plug an amp into that thing. If I plug my Plasma into it, it hums. Right now, it is a take one space device .I opted for whole house surge protection wired into my Panel. Unfortunately, I realized that I have two panels, so I have...
Multi-tone testing is an area that (IMO) does not get enough exposure. Aside form raw power and the ability to drive difficult phase angles, this is an area not well tested. HomeTheaterHifi and Audioholics do this sporadically, but when done it illustrates performance differences. The THD+N measurements include harmonics +/-250hz which, again IMO, is inadequate.- Rich
In the past, the English have been know to leave home Now, the Italians (of which I am largely descended) have been out of the game for about 2000 years The Norwegian/Dutch/Holland people are great - Rich
You have more than enough amplifer power. I hope you have good cooling. As far a power conditioners, the Panamax 5400 dedicated amplifier output is detrimental to the sound of every amp I have plugged into it: Sunfire 7400, Outlaw 7500, ATI3005, and Parasound A51.A friend was over auditioning a A21, I left the source playing and plugged the A21 into a Kill-a-watt power meter. The same effect as the Paramax. The high-end had a reduction in resolution and some harshness...
It is something I sometimes say to my wife who is of Russian descent ...Better stop typing, I am in enough trouble as it is. - Rich
Female vocals can have a lower pitch if you compare Casandra Wilson to Simply Red Crossover frequencies and the transition between drivers can be different.Some midrange drivers disperse better than others and different crossovers affect the transition.In theory, anyway My take away as well.- Rich
How about the Salon1's, curvy tall and strong like bull. - Rich
I also prefer female vocals which may be why the Salons are my favorite.That and the midrange dispersion.- Rich
You can use the Check for updates at any time to see if your firmware is up-to-date.- Rich
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