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Can you let me know how the playbar sounds compared to the play 5
I have te A51 and A23 for Monitor Audio Golds. I had the A51 first and added the other 2 channels at a later date. If I could do it again from scratch I would have only bought the more powerful amp (250w) for front 2 or 3 speakers and the lower power for the rest (125w). It would have been cheaper, take up less room as I find I don't need the extra power for surrounds (125w is more than enough for me). I have them matched with Marantz AV 7005 (after my C2 died).
Any opinions on both? I was going to put a secondary surround system in my family room and was deciding between the two but thought the 65 may be a bit too big for my bookshelf as much taller. Need to look ok for the wife, but that is ok because my main system is in the basement. Will match with the CS8080 Centre but most likely use without a sub as in the family room (in ceiling surrounds as well). Will watch mainly TV (not many movies except kids, as will watch...
How is music from the Playbar vs a Sonos Connect Amp and bookshelf speakers? I will definitely get for the bedroom but not sure about the family room. Right now I have a soundbar for TV (which I want to upgrade) and then a pair of 20 year old Monitor Audio bookshelf speakers connected to Sonos amp for music (want to upgrade these speakers too). Thanks!
Can somebody tell me if this unit has auto off and on when receiving an audio signal. Also does it automatically switch to the input which is receiving the signal? Thanks
I am very interested in this for the family room of my new house. I was going to have a full surround sound system plus a sonos system but thinking this may just be easier as I don't really need surround sound as I have it in the basement theater. Mostly just TV watched in family room plus listening to music. Can't wait to hear how this sounds
Does anybody use the above in a cabinet with a closed front door (with screen to let the sound out). I was thinking of this or putting it on an open shelf above the TV. Wanted to know how it sounded in a cabinet, I know it needs 1-2" above but thought the frane of the cabinet door would get in the way if there is only 2" above it. Thanks
I am designing our new dream home and have room in the basement for a dedicated room with dimensions 19'6" x 17'8". Behind the 19' wall I have room for an electronics room which will house my home server and allow me access to the back of the components so that I can easly do all the wiring etc. I like front access in the main media room so that I can easily insert blu-rays, PS3 games etc. I am looking to put in a "C' type sectional (like a L-Sectional but with seats...
For those of you who have the Aon 3 bookshelf, what were you deciding between before you chose these? I am looking at a second system for my fammily room and don't know if I will have room for a subwoofer and really liked these when I heard them. I was previously looking at PSB Imagine or Synchrony bookshelfs. Thanks
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