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Got 904 reported as correct one, but also got a notice that there is new protection so full disk playback may not be possible. Ripped it successfully and extracted main movie only successfully (I think), but haven’t watched it yet. Oh, the disk is Canadian.
Anybody had issues with RED 2? My workflow is simple: Rip the whole disc in folder structure, run BDInfo to determine the right playlist, load the playlist in TSMuxer and remux only with the streams I want. After indentifying the right playlist (out of ridiculous number of playlist with the correct runtime) BDInfo reported (correctly) that there is lossless audio track present. But, when I loaded the same playlist to TSMuxer, it didn’t show any lossless audio. This never...
That’s exactly what I did. I “inherited” old PC from my kids and adapted it to serve my movies. Only thing I added was Intel pro NIC card. MoBo has 6 sata ports and I even use two IDE drives (master and slave) on IDE port. Everything works just fine. The only thing I disagree about is I find XP pro WAY easier to set up for sharing (with Dune and anything else non Win7) than Windows 7. The downside is with XP you are limited to 2TB drives.For example, my son just got 303D...
So, if all my Blu rays are movie only m2ts files (and occasional MKV) and my DVD’s (yea, still have some) are movie only Video_TS structure and my pre/pro does all the decoding and I am streaming everything over the network, I have no reason NOT to go with cheaper TV303D (even though I do not care much for 3D)?
Thanks for the clarification.I do not use jukebox, so that is no matter to me.
Hm… I was able to do that on D1 for a long time – if we are talking about the same thing: what sows up on the screen when the unit is turned on.
Thanks guys. Does it (“b6”) bring anything to the table to make it worthwhile upgrading? I was unable to find any kind of changelog.
For a week or so I am getting prompted to upgrade my firmware on my Dune Smart D1. I am not quite sure the version number but it ends with “b6”. That means it is a beta version right? Strange thing is I have it set to ignore beta versions. Has anybody done it? Is it worth upgrading?
Thanks a bunch and Mr.Eric for clarification. I wonder why the files are not available in firmware zone when you navigate the Dune-HD site??
Is automatic update (over the internet) the only option to update firmware on Dune HD TV303D? I am not planning to connect the player to the network, and couldn’t find ANY firmware available for download?! Thanks
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