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I just ordered a year subscription. I have throughly enjoyed what I have seen so far. I guess once all the repeats hit I might not feel the same but with the free adapter and shipping it makes it worthwhile to me.
Onkyo support emailed me back yesterday and said that they are aware of the problem and are looking at it. No real info given but hopefully the get it fixed in a timely manner. Hard to believe that this isn't a relatively easy fix as all the other broadcast channels are fine.
My Onkyo 989 is having audio drop outs as well. First time I have ever had any problems with it on any Dish channels. I contacted Dish Network and got the following reply.. Quote: Thank you for your email correspondence. I have also seen the posts in various forums regarding this. We have contacted our uplink center and they have checked the broadcast. They are reporting no problems found at this point. If you continue to have problems with this,...
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