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As handy as you are..........I'm frankly surprised you didn't try building one yourself. Seriously, your theater is really nice. I have a room just waiting for me to begin. I just have to get some more other house projects done.
Adam, just saw your site, damn that is a FINE screen, like a beautiful woman. How did you curve the Stewart screen? Was it made like that?
Bigger, possibly because of lumen output, but what about the "better" part. It seems you are losing pixels with either format, right? The information on the dvd doesn't change what is being displayed whether it's digital or crt. But, you can get away with sitting closer to a crt image vs. a digital. Correct?
For those who have attempted, I have a question. Is it easier to setup a constant height system with CRT or a digital projector. I know both have their pros and cons, but from a viewer to distance setup, because there are no pixels on CRT's, shouldn't they have the ability to setup a constant height with less stringent distance requirements than say a digital? I have read that a good 8" crt requires more like 1.2x screen width distance from the viewer, whereas a...
Ahhh, perfect. Thanks EricGlo!!
I guess I'm trying to decide if it's better to have the card or a transcoder. Please let me know your findings as this is my only concern. I'd like to outfit my Marquee.
Are these for real?? DVI input cards for Sony, NEC, etc.? http://cgi.videogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.p...8046081&2&3&4& http://cgi.videogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.p...8046110&2&3&4&
Does anyone know if updating the software version on this unit can enable the internal scaler being bypassed? I had heard that later versions accomplished this. I am using the component video inputs with a Zenith DVB 318 dvd player. If anyone knows how an end user could accomplish this without having to go through a repair center, you can PM me. I would appreciate it. Thanks.
yeah Cliff what's UP?
Hey Doug, just PM'd you...........
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