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I have the HT-RC260 and the HR-24 and have never had the audio dropout issue, but I have had to disable the OSD due to the upconversion, stuttering and color issues.
I also had the color banding, upconversion and frame rate issues until I turned off the OSD. I didn't notice them, but my wife who has incredible vision did notice them so I turned off the OSD.
These problems were apparent on my 118" projector screen - I might not have noticed them on a 60" or under screen. Maybe it's easier to notice on a larger screen? As far as I can tell the RC260 is identical to the 608 with the biggest difference the THX certification. The fans are located in the same places, the fixes for the video processing were the same, the issues were the same, etc.
I hooked up my HT-RC260 and I absolutely had to turn video processing off. The studdering, colors and upconversion issues were too glaring on my projector. Here's to hoping they can solve this in an upcoming firmware update because I really miss this OSD.
Just took the plunge for the HT-RC260 on Amazon - can't wait to hook it up!
Does anyone know what % of lumen output I can expect to lose by setting the horizontal lens shift to the extremes?
I found my problem - I had it on the wrong resolution for the computer output. Thanks for your help!
Yes, I have it on maximum zoom (the manual knob on the front of the projector). Could there be anything else I am missing?
I am installing my new Epson 8500UB on a table. The table is located 12 feet away from the screen. However, the projector isn't even close to filling up my 118" diagonal screen so I am guessing I am missing something obvious. Can anyone help me out? Thanks
WilliamG, thanks for the pictures and feedback.
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