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I will look into a Lumagen. I went to a PC based setup.
Interesting. For my first 12 months with this PJ I had a 104" low to no gain screen. When I decided I wanted a larger screen (144) I backed up the projector by a few feet and pointed it at my flat paint white wall. I have to say I could not see a difference and have been using this technique ever since. Try it. I beleive screens are a waste. Also, for my room, I like the idea of no gain because you never have to worry about a sweet spot. You get the exact same very...
Can you tell me what a hotspot is. I have had my cf181d for two years and six months and have never seen anything bad.
What about DVDFAB ? Is it any good ?
My PC currently does not have a blue ray drive so since I have one laying around the house I will install it in the PC. I am not buying a blueray player. I will do copies and have my own library. Does jriver play movies I insert into the PC blue Ray drive ?
Okay I owe a huge apology to any HTPC belivers that read this thread and contributed thinking there may be a chink in the HTPC use case armor. After receiving my new PC (Gateway FX6860 Core i7-2600 8GB 1.5TB Radeon HD 6750) and running the same mkv files I am happy to announce HTPC is awesome. The images are outstanding. No more tearing. No more anything bad. Maybe there was just an issue with my Dell XPS i7 Geforce 525M laptop. I ran VLC and JRiver anf thay both look...
So far all of the players display "tearing". The good news though is while trying players I noticed (again) the TrueMotion feature in the PJ menu and set it at high. This reduced "tearing" substantially. MPC-HC froze when I tried changing some of the rendering settings. This happened twice. I then started to focus a small 7 second section 16Gb Avatar mkv file and placed all of the players at this scene. This scene has tearing. Believe it or not VLC seemed to show the...
This morning before work I was able to sneak into the TV room to try MPC-HC. It showed "tearing". My wife started calling "Where are you I need your help" before I could monkey around with View (menu) -> Render Settings. I will try this when I get home. I just bought this on ebay ==> Gateway FX6860 Core i7-2600 8GB 1.5TB Radeon HD 6750. When it arrives on Thursday I will try it right away.
Aieyieyie, I made a mistake. I am not running Windows 7 anymore. I took the $39 Windows 8 offer and I am running Windows 8 which does not use Aero.
Boy it sounds like I might be able to get somewhere. I cannot access http://mpc-hc.sourceforge.net/downloads/ for some reason right now so in the meantime I will turn off Aero. and try it again.
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