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If you have the HD DVR's now I'd just add the Genie to your existing comfiguration, no need to switch to the mini clients. I'd also say don't go with the Samsung RVU client, at least based on my experience with it on a UN40ES6100, DVR control performance bad.
The problem with DIRECTV not offering you anything to stay is that you just did a hardware upgrade, so you have that 2 year commitment hanging over you. When you are out of any commitment DIRECTV will bend over backwards giving you credits or other stuff to keep you. Frankly $360 off for a year is more then I've seen a lot of other folks say they were offered.You don't say if the Comcast savings are for only a specific period of time, is that a forever deal or just a year...
The Genie mini clients can support component video connections, there's an adapter cable that provides the connection.
That would be great for the folks that could get it. I'm probably SOL since AT&T doesn't even consider use U-Verse worthy.
Yes, you can fine USED HD DVR's on E*Bay for the prices you mentioned. Please let me know if you can find a brand new owned HR24 for $300, I'm sure some folks would be interested in a new receiver for that price.
Yep, mixing up owned vs. leased replacement commitments.
If it's a leased box that died then they will replace it, even if you're not in a commitment, for a $20 shipping charge and the start of a new 2 year commitment. If you have the protection plan then they would replace it for free and it would not start a new commitment.AFAIK, they are still recovering HR23's, so they would want it back.
Unless you're paying a premium from an outside vendor for a truly owned reciever (IIRC a HD DVR purchase price is in the $400 to $500 range last I heard), you're getting a leased receiver and any leased receiver will start a new two year commitment. There is also the alternative of finding a used receiver that is in 'owned' status via E*Bay or Craigslist, you just need to verify that the RID is actually an owned box and not one that was a leased box and never returned.And...
And besides the Dish 922 the new Hopper with Sling also has it built in.
There's really not much to configure on nomad. Just set up all your HD DVR's to allow for external access and then plug in nomad to a router port. Then on your PC download the nomad client and sign into your DIRECTV account, that's it. You will now see all the recordings on your HD DVR's and select which recordings you want to have transcoded on nomad so you can transfer the to a moble device.Transcoding is where nomad takes the original recording and 'shrinks' it to a...
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