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What download takes a long period of time? AFAIK both nomad and the Dish Hopper with Sling take the same amount of time to transcode a recording, 1 hour recording take 1 hour to transcode. Once that's done then the actual transfer to the mobile device goes fairly quickly, less then five minutes for a 1 hour recording.Can you expand on your 'cleanest solution' statement? Yes with Dish it's built onto the Hopper and DIRECTV it's an external device, what else makes it cleaner?
Last Friday night I was seeing breakup's in the video from KXAN via both DIRECTV and OTA. At one point DIRECTV dropped the signal and threw up a slide saying there were technical problems. With all the money LIN's taking in from retransmission agreements I wish they'd get better facilities so there is something to retransmit.
I've had a HR34 for many months as part of the field testing program. While it's sometimes normal for the box to do a reboot shortly after a new software download doing it twice a day is not normal. Since it's a new installation of it I'd call DIRECTV and have them resolve it. Can't really comment on the FF/REW issue, I use the skip forward/backwards function. The box recording repeats when you say new is probably because it's doing all these reboots. I've seen that the...
Just so you know, DIRECTV has nomad which allows you to copy recorded content from your HD DVR's to IOS /MAC devices and your PC. It doesn't require you to get a new Hopper with Sling to do it, just add the nomad box to your network and it works with all your HD DVR's.
Used to live in the Chicago area and for snow only lost it if the snow built up on the dish or the end of the LNB, that's why I had it mounted in a location that I could get to for cleaning. Rain can be a problem especially with the HD signal, making sure that the dish is aimed so the 99(c) and 103(ca)/103(cb) signals are in the 90's can help with that.
You're not doing anything wrong, the only devices that can play content from a DIRECTV DVR is other DIRECTV receivers, DIRECTV RVU Clients, Samsung RVU clients, DIRECTV2PC or Nomad
Did a software upgrade this AM on UN40ES6100, set had been on 001025, found 001027, I let it install. Checked the Samsung site, there's a 001026 listed as available 1/28/13, no mention of a 001027. I checked some of the RVU issues that I've seen in the past and issues I've seen with frame rate, stuttering video, dropped audio haven't shown up yet.
Unless you own the HR24 as soon as you deactivate it from your acocunt DIRECTV will want it shipped back. Plus when the HR24 gets the deactivate signal you won't be able to play any recordings from it.
Not all regular broadcast channels are 1080i, ESPN and the rest of the ESPN/ABC channels and Fox networks are 720p, not 1080i. And for DIRECTV the only 1080p channels they have are some Pay Per View DIRECTV on Demand content.
Guess that depends on if DIRECTV give you a break on the up front costs of their receivers vs the cost of buying Tivo's or a PC to build as your media center and how many TV's you want to support. I currently have 6 HDTV's that either have their own HD DVR on them or a Genie client. I'd have to guess that it would take a very long time to have the CBA come out where the cable/Tivo/HTPC solution would break even for my configuration.
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