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IMHO compared to what cable charges for their hardware it's reasonable.
That's their business practice, they're going to be spending hundreds if not over a thousand dollard in hardware and installation service and want to make sure that the customer has a good chance of being able to pay their monthly charge for the next 24 months.
There's a DIRECTV employee that posts over at DBSTalk that has been reilable in the past and they say more HD is coming soon. DIRECTV has been able to increase the number of channels they can carry per transponder by using new uplink hardware so where before they put only 5 channels per transponder they're now able to do 6.
DIRECTV 14 is next (there is no 13) and not due until 2014, http://www.ssloral.com/html/satexp/directv14.html .
You might want to check out this very long thread on the subject, http://www.dbstalk.com/showthread.php?t=160800 . To save you some time, when you connect the external drive the internal drive is disabled. All recordings and series links will not be available. And you do need an external power supply for the drive.
Best thing you can do is call DIRECTV and ask. Usually the best deal is call and say you want to cancel service to get to the retention department. When you get to them say right away you don't want to cancel service but would like to get a good deal on the HR34, they're the group that can make the best deals.
You are correct that the C31 doesn't use one of the tuner channels that a SWiM8 provides so yes you can can add one and not have a problem.
Only of the other receiver is a RVU client like the DIRECTV C31 or a Samsung TV that has RVU support.
Must be your local station since no problems here with the game, it's in HD.
Must be your local station since no problems here with the game, it's in HD.
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