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DIRECTV made a change in the software a number of weeks ago where if you tune to a channel with HDCP enabled, like any premium movie channel or PPV, the component outputs are disabled if the receiver sees you have a HDMI connection active also. So you're going to either need to get another receiver to the TV that uses the component output or look into using a HDMI splitter and using a HDMI connection to that other TV.
At least put the PPV movies that are/have been on the linear PPV channel on the DoD channels. But agree the 3D content from the permium services would be a very nice additon.
I've not seen anything to say that. There's been rumors of ESPN 3D going away for over a year now but it's still there. Not basing this on any inside info but just guessing that since n3D was sponsored by Panasonic that they just decided to stop funding that channel so DIRECTV turned it into a special events 3D channel.
What model HR DVR's do you have now? At the current time I'd say the HR24's are a bit faster then the HR34, but the HR34's performance has continued to improve with software releases.
DIRECTV's policy is if it works for you that's fine, but if it doesn't they won't do anything to correct it. I have a Denon AVR891 and I've used a HR23, H21, HR24, HR34 and C31 through it for 3D. Before the Denon I tried an Onkyo and Pioneer and both failed with 3D.
If you're looking for just a streaming system then nomad is probably not for you. You need to plan ahead and tell nomad to transcode whatever program you want, which runs in real time, and then download it to your device which is much quicker. That said the beauty of nomad is that you don't need a network connection to view the content when away from home. Sling is great when you have a good network connection, but when you don't have one or the bandwidth is contrained the...
Works with mine. Once you connect it the setup menu option for satellite changes to satellite and antenna, that's where you set it up.
Any one will do that, but for OTA you'd need to add the AM21 OTA/ATSC tuner adapter, $50 from DIRECTV.
MediaShare has been around for a couple years now and any network attached HD receiver can use it. See http://www.directv.com/DTVAPP/conten...ogy/mediashare for some more info.
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