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Just noticed that KEYE is being sold to Sinclair broadcasting (if FCC approves). I sure hope that the retransmission rights are in place for a long time since IIFC Sinclair plays hardball even more then LIN does. http://www.examiner.com/market-in-au...roadcast-group
There's no problem using a wireless connection for the Internet connection since on demand content is not streamed but downloaded to the hard drive for viewing. Where wireless is not recommended is when use for WHDVR/MRV content.
Do you have one coax cable connecting to the HD DVR or two? If one then you're on SWiM and no problem swapping things around. If you have two coax cable to the HD DVR then you'll lose use of the second tuner in the HD DVR.
While it's not necessary for an internet connection to have WHDVR (MRV) function if you don't connect it to your router then you won't have access to the On Demand channels, TVapps, DIRECTV2PC, the iPad app and MediaShare. DIRECTV should as part of the install run a coax line to your router and install a broadband DECA adapter or the can install the wireless braodband DECA, either way it should be part of the normal installation. Also, strongly recommend that you get as...
Too bad, I'm a DIRECTV customer and all we get is the SD feed. Dish has the HD feed but then they don't have KLRU-DT in HD, can't win for losing.
Has anyone heard anything about KBVO putting another battery in their transmitter so it go farther then across the street? Heck, I can get the UT student station (K29HW) which has more power then a network affiliate. I've tried sending e-mails to the station but never hear anything back.
If you have 1080p checked as a supported resolution the STB will switch to 1080p output even if you have native set to off.
Yea, there's others that do better but once the HR2X/H2's are network connected it's free.
Are you saying you have it connected to your ethernet network and just not the internet? If you don't have the ethernet connected at all you're also missing out on MediaShare and DIRECTV2PC beisdes the above.
Correct in that you can't diplex OTA and the DIRECTV signal. The SWiM system they use also uses the same frequencies that the OTA channels use, if you need OTA you need to run a second coax line.
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