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The new channels are up on 966, 967 and 968.
I just got a flyer from Astound, they are promising Bravo, SciFi(Syfy?), and USA in HD around May 22. They're moving SD channels from analog to digital, and promise more HD.
Not an official SotU because it's Obama's first year.
I've been bugging Astound for SciFi too, but it's a start. They haven't added a channel in a long time, and have been falling behind Comcast.
If Sony comes up with a decent pair of LCD screen glasses, they wouldn't have to worry about big screen compatability. Of course by then I'll probably need reading glasses underneath. 8-)
There's plenty, just search on the "Easy" tag, or use "More Like This". My 5yo likes to play them, since they can be fast and don't frustrate. He really loves Pain, but we have to limit him on that since he starts throwing himself all over the place if he plays too for too long. (I tell myself he's teaching himself Physics). He also plays Eden and Monsters sometimes. He likes to see demos, but the full games would be too difficult.My 2yo loves Rub-a-dub, but I just...
Casper's Haunted Christmas on TBS looks like HD. My kid liked it.
Actually it was canceled during the ALCS.http://www.theonion.com/content/node/41612
I just got it at GS in Concord, they said they were reserved but would take a couple of walkups.
Yes, it's a standard jack.
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