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I fixed this by installing the lastest ATI drivers. Duh.
Does anything like this exist for ATI cards? I've got a 4850 that I'm trying to connect with DVI->HDMI and the sound is hit or miss because the TV thinks the audio is supposed to be coming from the HDMI port. Thanks
Are the recommended settings for a W4100 any different when connecting a PC via HDMI? Does it matter which HDMI input the PC is connected to?
We have a Dell 400sc (2.4ghz P4, 1M, X800 Pro, XP, Firefox) that I've been experimenting with running fullscreen 480p Hulu on a 50" Sony LCD. It's worked better than I expected at 1280x720 with only some choppiness and the occasional pausing for buffering. The processor runs near 100% almost constantly and you can see it top out at 100% when there is alot of movement on the screen. It's unwatchable at 1920x1080. I threw money at the problem and got a new Dell machine...
hdmion http://thydzik.com/tag/hdmion/ I use this to fix the problem where my TV won't detect the hdmi input from the pc after turn off/switching inputs. The program toggles the display on/off and restores the picture. I mapped it to a keystroke and then associated that keystroke with a mouse button.
Will any of the recommended systems on page 85 struggle to playback Hulu streams on a 50" LCD? I understand it is a major processor hog and I want my next machine to play Hulu content smoothly. My current pc (old P4) just barely does the job and is constantly running near 100% processor util. I'm tempted to throw a ton of processor at the problem but the $400 price point of the low end systems is very tempting.
I believe only one of them will output a different signal to each hdmi out. The other outputs the same signal to each hdmi out.
Well I called Marantz support at (800) 654-6633 and got a helpful person who ran the problem by one of their techs. The over the phone diagnosis was lamp or ballast, but they weren't sure without seeing it. Lamp warranty is 90 days and the rest is warrantied for 3 years.
I got mine new from a different online vendor. There should have been zero hours on it.
If anyone else has one of these and needs to replace the bulb it's very simple. You can hurt yourself and your projector if you don't know what you are doing. I take no responsibility for anything bad that might happen from following these directions. Make sure it's unplugged and has cooled off for at least a few hours before opening. 1. There is one screw on the back by the inputs, remove it. 2. The cover slides forward and then up and off. 3. There is a black cover...
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