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Thanks for the great replies. The reason I'm asking is because I have a very low ceiling and there isn't room to mount the projector higher than the screen to get the screen size I want. Is there a problem mounting the proj level with the top of the screen, tilting it if needed and using keystone to compensate? I'm currently using a 4805 and am thinking about upgrading to something newer like a 7210.
At the projector calculator here: http://www.projectorcentral.com/InFo...ulator-pro.htm When you set it to 'ceiling mount' here is a sliding scale that shows a picture of a projector mounted 6.2" to 16.2" inches above the screen. My question is, is that the minimum distance above the screen or the max distance above the screen?
I haven't used my center in years. Run it without.
Thanks for all the input! I'm debating between the 088s and the 45004s right now. In fact I'm in my new dedicated room right now measuring out riser heights for them. I just got the last of the drywall hung, and will start taping and mudding soon.
I'm about to place an order for some Berklines and I'm trying to decide between the 088s and the slightly more expensive but taller backed 45004s. I'm 6' and am wondering how people of similar height or taller like the 088s. Any and all comments are welcome.
I asked the same question and the answer is that they don't, at least not in the Studios. We really want a loveseat in the theater so we're looking at going with Berklines through Serge.
Is there a reason you recommend 3 for the back and 2 for the front? We have a poorly placed pole that I have to work around, and I expect at max I'll be able to get 3 in front of it and 2 behind it.
Thanks for the info, I've found some good threads. Do the Coasters have a "loveseat" configuration option? Can you recommed some Berkline lines that are not very wide? My room is only 11' wide so the Coasters might not work.
I'm in! Are there any links to comparisons or reviews of the Studio, Showtime or Director's chairs?
Awesome. I got 7 different answers to my question :)
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