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I am using 9.2 (9.1) for my zone 1. I want to put some speakers outside for zone 2. I am tired of moving my sonos speakers around. I need another amp, correct? I guess the sonos amp I want sonos out there , correct? Thanks
Yes, but everybody has to play along . I have directv , and it doesn't ( Xbox doesn't neither ) so I have to run component to tv and hdmi to sc55. The oppo blue ray does so if desired I can leave sc55 off and still use oppo
I use 2 orbs for my front height speakers on my 9.2 setup. I picked for size and cost, and turned out to work well for this unique effect
I was underwhelmed when I first got the sc-55 as well. I don't know if it was breakin or manual MCAA adjustments suggested here, but I am enjoying it now.
I received my ULS-15 last week. It replaced a 10 year mirage bps-150. Wow, I am very pleased. I have been missing out on a lot of sound. I planned on trying the wireless today. I am using a pioneer sc-55 with no bass management, but it sounds pretty good in my room.
I am using main den, which is good because it gets alot of use. My wife is constantly putting pictures in front of speakers and bottom of TVs ...My local paradigm store went under a couple of years ago so I am limited here.My next upgrade will probably to an oppo, but if I had a paradigm resource i I would be tempted to replace 10 year old fronts and center
I decided to try the 9.2 thing and just added a pair of orbs for front heights. MCACC seems to match them pretty good with my paradigm book fronts. So far, I really think the front heights add something. I am only in $100 so I don't it is wishful thinking. Can't wait to listen some more. I have made a few more eq tweaks to mcacc that I don't understand and my SC-55 is really starting to sound good.
I recently been pulled back into the home theater game when my denon 3310 died. I decided to move away from denon for a while and got the pioneer sc-55. While I was into the cabinet, I ran wires for the front heights just to see. My fronts are paradigm bookshelf speakers. My wife is not a fan of this stuff, but I saw the orb speakers and order a pair. If it doesn't work or wife complains too bad about more speakers, I am just out $100. They sit about 4 feet on top...
Well, the ULS-15 arrived today. I am very pleased so far. Listen to some music and some movie scenes and already I know that is a whole new ball game. To recap, I have been using a mirage bps-150 for about 10 years, I think. I picked it way back for the tight bass. The last few years not only has the sound quality, and output upset me, but the thing didn't always turn on. Interesting, the day I ordered the uls-15, the bps-150 worked (came on at least) for about 4...
Me too. I got the system-check virus. I haven't visited in years, and visited Wed. and I am just now recovering. So beware, mcafee didn't prevent it
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