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Oh yeah. I totally still believe that CRT is king even though I have never owned one. I currently have a jvc rs40 and whilst it is good, I still remember the image of russ brooks nec CRT projector. The depth, color and creamy smoothness of the image were to die for. Digital projector have gotten better but they are not there yet. Resolution is way overrated in my opinion compared to other aspects of the picture. Give me 720p any day with CRT blacks. The ownership...
I just did not realise that there was so much science and art involved. A few months ago I was happy just to watch a movie but now I am dabbling with gamma, greyscale etc. I just did not realise how bad my display was until you run it through a program like chromapure or a similar program. You really won't know any difference until you discover that color intensity and gamma do not increase in a linear fashion when ire increases. It is a difficult concept to grasp until...
Thanks Tom. After 30 hours of playing around with this thing I think i am finally starting to grasp the concept and understand that you can manually adjust gamma and red blue and green (greyscale) at each ire from 10 to 100 on the duo. So even if the auto cal is not able to nail it you can fine tune via manual adjustments whilst tracking progress with chromapure. The auto cal is not a one hit button to solve all problems. What the auto cal represents is a good tutorial to...
Why didn't I think of manually adjusting gamma before. That is a good idea. Yes. The bulb does seem to shift its intensity which explains the reason I get a different result each time I run auto calibration. Which adjustment to adjust gamma manually in iscan duo? Is there like a gamma adjustment or do you have to muck around with colors intensity adjustment?
Yeah I did face the sensor towards the projector with the diffusor on. Surprisingly, the results mirror what I got when the sensor was reading off the screen. Color and greyscale were pretty spot on but gamma was still around 2.11 from 70 ire onwards. My concern is that this will result in washed out images during brighter scenes.
I moved the meter closer to the screen. I am now getting more palatable gamma readings post auto cal. Between ire 10 to 60 I am averaging around 2.20 then between ire70 and ire 90 I am getting around 2.11 Not perfect but much better than before. Now I know what you mean by saying that it is not as automated as it sounds as there is still an elect of experimentation. I could not imagine it without auto calibration.
Wow...you saved me time again. I actually started auto cal with offsets manipulated. With a gamma of 2.6 at ire 10, the picture was pretty unwatchable even though the other higher ire gamma was at 2.22. The image was far too dim. Your suggestions make a lot of sense so I may either change the position of the sensor or let it face the projector with the diffuser on to get gamma dialed in properly.
Thanks for your detailed input kelvin. I set everything to factory default on the duo and started again. I started first with getting the white balance right. There was a significant amount of tweaking made to the blue and green gain on the projector to get rgb balanced at 100 and 75 ire. I redid auto cal and results were better but now I am getting a gamma factor of 2.6 at 10 ire before stabilising at 2.22 from 20 to 90 ire. The charts still show a major major...
I am finding that color and greyscale is tracking very well post calibration but gamma curve set at 2.22 takes a dive after ire 70. Could these results point to another in correct setting issue ? I did get gamma calibrated consistently at 2.22 but I can't seem to replicate that.
I just bought a avs b stock rs40 coming from a Sony hw10... I am still blown away by the cinematic quality of the images. I don't care about resolution as much as great blacks so I will only upgrade when jvc contrast levels make another big leap forward to get us closer to CRT level depth....the rs40 is very very good though so all it takes is another leap forward I think we will be there.
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