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I've documented my ATC-610 based PC with P4B533-VM motherboard here: http://www.helmers.us/hepc%20construction/index.htm . It's in the form of a slideshow with text annotations for each picture. Just follow the arrows on the upper right of each web page. Here's a picture of the internal construction. http://www.helmers.us/hepc%20constru...%20off%202.jpg - Peter
I've posted the hardware details of my system at www.helmers.us/hepc construction/index.htm This system is based on the Cooler Master ATC-610 chassis with modifications for better cooling and minimal noise. The software is still being worked on... - Peter
I've created a web site that details the construction of my HEPC (Home Entertainment PC) which is used primarily for listing to classical music but also has video capabilities. Construction took a month starting in October, 2002. I had previously built a HEPC from a custom modified chassis which was fine until my daughter said she thought it was a DVD player from the 1960’s... So I decided to use my experience from that one to start over. Its design goals were: Quiet...
I just did a Google search and found this site http://www.phobot.net/controlmmc/ which has a perl script for controlling the MMC. Maybe this will help. - Peter
There's another photoviewer I've tried named PhotoPlayer. It offers fullscreen slideshow and thumbnail viewers. The basic version is "freeware\\greenware..." and a plus version is only $20. - Peter
I bought one from Sundial Micro last month when they were first in stock. I was quite happy with how fast it arrived. See http://www.sundialmicro.com/cgi-bin/...ml?id=FPhz9JQ2 for details. - Peter
I was doing a Google search for the ABeer case that Phat Phreddy mentioned when I found two suppliers that expect to be selling the DIGN case soon. These vendors are ExoticPC.com and FancyCase.com
I ordered the MTX-103FA case from ISI Technologies at the end of May and received it very promptly.
Here's a microATX case with centered drive bays that I saw mentioned in these forums a month or so ago. Hope this help... http://www.isitoday.com/mtx103fa.htm - Peter
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