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There;s a product called Blu Tack which is used to mount speakers on stands. You can see it here. A similar product is available at home centers. Basically its tacky enough to keep things from moving but easily repositioned or removed as need be. - Peter
I saw a suggestion somewhere to buy white RCA jacks and then use colored markers on the white insulators to make them red, green, blue, orange, etc. - Peter
You might want to wait a few weeks on the CPU. The Intel E6600 is going to be replaced by the E6620 on April 22. It is supposed to be less expensive and have double the on board cache.
Kevin: There was a previous thread on the Uniden series phones here. I ended up getting the Uniden TRU9466 5.8GHz 2-Line phone with 5 additional TCX905 handsets and am happy with the system. My previous 2.4Gh systems did have microwave interference; the Uniden 5.8Ghz system doesn't. - Peter
Greg: Here's a freebie that I've used: JAlbum. - Peter
noon0: One other option for the OS, which I'm using with a different RAID controller, is FreeNAS. This is based on FreeBSD 6.1 and, in my experience, is extremely easy to set up compared to Linux. The 3ware 9550sx is FreeBSD 6.1 compatible. Once the initial configuration is done, it can be totally controlled from a web browser. And it's available for free. Hope this helps! - Peter
Thomas: I haven't tried 5.7 yet but just downloaded it for installation sometime soon... - Peter
Thomas- I just set up a PC with the NV3000 and 4 cameras. It was primarily built from parts I had lying around after upgrading other PCs around the house... I am using a previously retired AMD Athlon XP 64 3200+ (socket 939) with 768Mb memory (minus 128mb for video) on a newly purchased ($66) FOXCONN 6150K8MA-8EKRS motherboard. The motherboard has onboard video and ethernet. I used an old 80Gb Seagate IDE drive for running the OS (XP Home SP2) and store the video data...
Josh: I am not aware of such a filesize limit but I've only stored a 3 Gb file so far.... Do you have any references? I just checked the forums for FreeNAS and one user, tbarrenger, stated here , that he regularly copies 9 Gb files. As background, FreeNAS is built on the FreeBSD OS (I believe either version 6.0 or 6.1?) and supports the UFS (Unix File System). According to Wikipedia, FreeBSD actually supports a later version of UFS called UFS2 which has a limit...
WannaTheater: My FreeNAS system is built around an Asus P5RD2-VM motherboard with a socket 775 Celeron D 336 2.8G processor and 2x256Mb Corsair Value Select PC4200 DDR2 SDRAM. This motherboard has onboard video. The system boots off a Syba SD-CF-IDE-DI IDE to Compact Flash Adapter with a 256Mb Super Talent Compact Flash card. The motherboard ethernet controller was not supported in gigabit mode by FreeNAS so I added an Intel PWLA8391GTBLK 1000Base-SX Gigabit Ethernet...
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